All About Brush Strip

Are you looking for the ideal material to give you a smooth surface, excellent chemical resistance, and impressive strength with minimal maintenance? If so, brush strips may be exactly what you need! These strong and long-lasting strips have countless applications in industrial engineering or home DIY projects. With their good wear-resistance capacity to protect various surfaces from external forces, brush strips are becoming an increasingly popular choice due to their versatile properties. In this blog post, we’ll cover all aspects of brush strips – their properties, characteristics, and applications – in detail. So please keep reading to learn more about this amazing product and how incorporating them into your process could benefit your project!

What is a Brush strip?

A brush strip is an object composed of a long line of thin bristles made of metal, plastic or natural materials. The purpose of a brush strip is to act as a seal or barrier against dust, dirt and other particles while allowing air to pass through freely. Brush Strips are commonly used in machine guards, roll-up doors and outdoor covers, requiring ventilation and protection from outside elements. They can be seen on both sides of garage door tracks or in the channels along window sills. Brush strips provide efficient sealing at a much lower cost than traditional rubber seals and often have longer life spans due to greater durability.


Brush strips are made up of a series of brush filaments that are secured into a backing strip. The filaments can comprise various materials such as nylon, polypropylene, or horsehair. The backing strip is typically made from a flexible material such as PVC or aluminium that can mould to the shape required. The brush filaments are densely packed and held in place by a clamping mechanism. This construction offers flexibility in design and customization, making brush strips suitable for various applications.

Characteristics of Brush Strip

One of the key advantages of brush strips is their ability to conform to irregular surfaces. This means they can seal around curves, corners, and uneven surfaces, providing a tight, reliable seal. Additionally, brush strips are flexible and can withstand repeated compression without affecting their sealing properties. They are also durable and long lasting, making them a cost-effective solution for applications where performance and longevity are paramount. Lastly, brush strips are easy to install and maintain, requiring minimal attention once fitted.

Applications of Brush Strip

Brush strips have many applications across various industries. They are widely used for sealing industrial doors and gates, providing a barrier against noise, dust, and other contaminants. They are also used in refrigeration units, cabinet doors, and windows to maintain a tight seal. In the automotive industry, brush strips are used for sealing car windows, doors, and hatches, providing a waterproof barrier against the elements. Brush strips are also useful for preventing the ingress of vermin and insects, making them suitable for applications such as warehouses and food storage facilities.


One of the significant advantages of brush strips is their high customizability. They can be tailored to specific applications, including custom lengths, brush density, and backing material. Customization allows precision fitting, ensuring optimal sealing performance and reducing energy costs. Brush strips can also be combined with other sealing solutions, such as thresholds and weather stripping, to provide complete insulation.


Brush strips offer a cost-effective sealing solution compared to other options, such as rubber or silicone seals. They are durable and long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective solution in the long run. Their ability to conform to irregular surfaces helps reduce waste and lowers installation costs.


In conclusion, brush strips are an excellent choice for sealing and insulating applications. Their flexibility, durability, and customizability make them an ideal solution for many industries and applications. As a cost-effective option, brush strips offer businesses a valuable investment that can save energy and lower costs in the long run. If you’re looking for a reliable sealing solution, consider using brush strips and taking advantage of their unique properties and characteristics.