What are strip brushes?

One of the primary things that come to our mind when we think of brushes is that they are used for cleaning and brushing the floor. Yes! It is absolutely true but the brush we are going to talk about is a special kind of brush. It is known as strip brushes. Probably, there are many manufacturers in the market that offer a wide variety of construction and material brushes, one of those are strip brushes.

Strip brushes are used so as to give excellent performance at a competitive and economical cost. It is very well used as gap sealing. The bristles with higher density in strip brushes enable it to perform as a wiper on the soft and smooth surfaces

A Brief on strip brushes

Industrial strip brushes are also known as a metal channel back brushes or nylon strip brushes. These industrial brush strips are rectangular slim brushes with soft bristles varying in different sizes and as per the requirement. The main functioning of the strip brush is to provide a shield against light, dust, mist, intrusions in operation or heat. The brushes work best on conveyor lines as an applicator of dry coating. It can even wipe away loose debris. It has the capability to stabilize moving products.

The most used strip brushes are nylon strips that have a 20% mixture with nylon. 100% conductive format can create static reduction.

Strip brushes are the most versatile brushes that are available in all possible versions. For example, you can get a twisted strip brush and straight strip brush at an affordable price. You can deform twisted strip in any of the shapes as required for the application. The material and profile of the strip brushes can be decided based on the application. The fiber thickness, length, and filling can be delivered in desired ways.

You can glide the brush for easy assembly or support or holding. The most suitable use of these brush is guiding, sealing, and pressing. Strip brushes can also be used for sealing doors, windows, and furniture so as to prevent it from dust, and dirt. All the uneven or even objects can’t be followed through the hard strips. The fibers are adaptable to unevenness and move freely on walls or on floors. These strips are available in numerous standards and versions however custom-made strips are also offered.

Food Grade Roller Strip brushes are approved for usage in applications related to food-contacts. Another sort of brushes can be used in environments when an object doesn’t need the exposure of sunlight or moisture. For dry industrial applications, medium grade strip brushes are used. Strip brush that possesses 9% absorption capacity are also available.

Some features of strip brush:

Given below is a short list that specifies features of strip brush that would help you to know why they are popular in industries and other purposes-

It gives a versatile performance in cleaning grooves, sealing, wiping, etc.

With different holders, the installation of brushes is easy

For filling gaps, it offers unmatched quality

The strip brushes are offered to users in various maximum angles. With dense bristles, it can suit all surface types.
You can order for a customized solution. The size, length, and bristle type can be customized as per requirements.