Roller Brush: Advantages And Disadvantages

A roller for painting works is a tool for working on areas. It can have a various cover. The application of the roller is quite extensive.It can be easily paint the ceiling, walls, & floor, but the roller is useless when working on curved objects of complex shape.

If you’re planing to paint the ceiling with acrylic paints or latex compounds, it is better to get  a synthetic roller, as this guarantees the quality of the paint. For the work with oil paints, any rollers are suitable.


  • The Nylon Roller Brush can be whitewashed, painted, or treated in a huge area very quickly & easily. One pass can be likened to 100 brush strokes on a roller. It is convenient to paint the floor with a Roller Brush, even if it has an uneven surface, the work will be faster.
  • The roller covers the surface evenly, even if it has not been prepared beforehand.
  •  There is a large selection of the kind of invoice of paint or another decorative coating. Brushes are not designed to work with many modern finishing materials, for example; liquid decorative plaster.
  •  No visible stain on the worktop.


  • The cost of a quality roller is higher than the cost of a brush, however, if you only buy a cover for replacement – the roller will be a more profitable tool.
  • The roller can not be used for painting joints, corners, and other small surfaces. You will need brushes.
  • The surface of the roller has an extremely small resource of use.

Tips for choosing the right brush

  • The painting brush helps to paint gently and evenly on the surface. It is better to choose a paintbrush with split ends. The fibers should be elastic, hard to break, thick at the base, and soft and thin at the ends.
  • Select a painting Roller Brush which length is at least 1.5 times more than its width. It makes a painting work very easy.
  • If you buy a new brush at the store, first wash it with a soapy solution to remove dust, debris, grease, and broken bristles. Make sure your brush is dried before you start painting.