Nylon Roller Brush

Nylon Roller Brush Manufacturer

This Nylon Roller brushes are manufactured by utilizing high quality raw materials and latest technology. Outer diameter of cylindrical brush, RPM (Runs per Minute), pressure, temperature and functional requirement are the main objectives to decide size and type of raw material. This cleaning brushes feature like versatile performance in mild cleaning, heavy cleaning, and scrubbing, spreading, grading, polishing, degreasing, deburring, sanding, brush strip filled with nylon filament etc.

What is a nylon roller brush used for?

Nylon brushes are ideal for general cleaning, polishing, deburring, and surface finishing. Most solvents are not a problem for these wheel brushes, and they have a long fatigue life. For surface finishing and deburring different base metals, abrasive nylon roller brushes are a perfect alternative to steel filament brushes.

Which industries use nylon brushes?

The use of Nylon Roller Brushes' in the industry has expanded well beyond their initial usage as a way of cleaning the floor. Nylon brushes are used in a wide range of industrial operations, including aerospace, agricultural, automotive, firearms, food processing, medical supplies and equipment, and glass manufacturing. A nylon brush is used to clean, polish, coat, or eliminate static and pollutants, regardless of the operation or application.

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Nylon Roller Brush


Sizes :
Available in all sizes as per drawing & specifications.

Application :
The offered roll brushes allows the user to cover the maximum angle. We offer these brushes with dense bristles, which are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Moreover, we provide customized solution of these brushes to our clients as per their requirements. Customers can avail these products from us at affordable rates in comparison to competitors.

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