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"Industrial Brushware Industries", is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of an assortment of industrial cleaning brushes that caters to the complete spectrum of brush requirements of an array of industries including Automobile, Construction, Metals, Heavy Engineering, Aviation, Food & Pharma. The company produces brushes in a wide range like cylinder, roller, nylon etc. and export products to USA (United States of America) for surface area treatment. 

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Strip Brush

Nylon strip brushes feature a formable metal structural element known as the channel base, and nylon/metal brush fill that can be varied by trimming length, density, and flexibility. A brush strip filled with nylon filament is often used as a flexible brush seal on equipment.

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Knotted Twist Wheel Brush

Standard Knotted Twist Wheel Brushes feature knots that are twisted approximately 75% of the length of the trim. The loosely twisted knots cover a larger surface area and are ideal for heavy-duty Cleaning and surface conditioning.

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Crimped Wire Cup Brush

These Cup Brushes are used for flat brushing, edge cleaning, and flash removal. recommended for use on portable power tools to Remove paints, burrs, and corrosion. Suitable for use on stationary machines and angle grinders.

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Boiler Tube Cleaning Brushes

The tube brush is made of nylon, metal or abrasive nylon bristles. It is also known as Boiler Brush. This is used for the threads, pipes, holes, keyways, etc. Heavy-duty Construction offer long service life and most effective brushing action.

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