Food Grade Roller Brush

Food Grade Roller Brush Manufacturer

This type of roller brush is specialized for use in the food industry to meet strict hygiene and safety standards. These brushes are commonly used in food processing, packaging, and handling environments to ensure that food products remain free from contamination.

Characteristics and Uses

  1. Materials: Food-grade roller brushes are typically constructed using materials that meet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other relevant food safety standards. Common materials include food-grade plastics, stainless steel, and food-safe bristles or filaments.
  2. Hygienic Design: These brushes are designed to be easy to clean and maintain to prevent the buildup of bacteria, mould, or other contaminants.
  3. Sanitary Construction: The construction of food-grade roller brushes prioritizes sanitation. This means they resist corrosion and moisture and can withstand regular cleaning with water, detergents, and sanitizers.
  4. Food Contact Compliance: Food-grade roller brushes are explicitly designed to come into direct or indirect contact with food products.
  5. Variety of Bristles: These brushes have various bristle types and stiffness levels. The bristles can be made from nylon, polyethene, or polypropylene.
  6. Customization: They can vary in size, shape, and bristle configuration to suit different food processing or packaging lines' unique needs.


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Fill Type :
1) S. : Steel Wire, Natural hard, crimped.
2) S.T : Steel wire, Straight.
3) S.S : Stainless Steel Wire, Acid Resistant, Crimped or Knotted.
4) B. : Brass wire, Crimped.
5) B.S : Brass Plated Steel Wire, Crimped.
6) A. : Abrassive Filaments, silicon carbide, or oxide aluminium crimped, grit sizes: 80-320.

Sizes :
Available in 3", 4", 5".

Application :
These Cup Brushes are used for flat brushing, edge cleaning, and flash removal. Recommended for use on portable power tools to remove paint, burrs, and corrosion. Suitable for use on stationary machines and angle grinders.

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