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Disc Brushes

Our disc brushes are multi-directional deburring tools that function equally on all component edges. They adapt readily to CNC machine centers, robot cells, and fixed finishing machines. Use with coolant and on any metal and wooden surfaces. They are available in a variety of styles to remove any amount of burr.

What are the applications of Disc Brushes?

Disc Brushes are ideal for deburring any:

  • Flat machined auto part
  • Face milled castings & forgings
  • Edge blending and radiusing operations
  • Fine blank deburring
  • Engine block and cylinder head
  • Surface finish
  • And removing burrs on hydraulic components
  • Rust and scale removal
  • Clean pre-cast concrete molds
  • Sanding and texturing wood surfaces, etc.

Disc brushes are the brush of choice for Deburring precisely ground Flat parts; saw cut parts, machined surfaces, and other applications Where sharp edges need to be removed without dimensionally Changing the workpiece

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Sizes :
Available in all sizes as per drawing & specifications.

Application :
Disc brushes are the brush of choice for deburring precisely ground flat parts, saw cut parts, machined surfaces and other applications where sharp edges need to be removed without dimensionally changing the work piece.

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