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Abrasive Roller Brush

An abrasive brush roller is a type of industrial cleaning tool that consists of a cylindrical brush with abrasive material, typically abrasive filaments or bristles, embedded in it. These abrasive materials are often made of materials like nylon, wire, or abrasive grains, and they are designed to effectively scrub or abrade surfaces during various processes or applications. Abrasive roller brushes are engineered to serve various functions across different industries.

Industrial Brushware Industries is a trusted Abrasive Brush manufacturer and supplier. We specialized brushes play a crucial role in various industrial applications. Abrasive brushes come in various forms, with abrasive nylon brushes being popular due to their durability and flexibility. We also manufacture customised Nylon Roller Brushes as per requirements.


What are abrasive brushes used for?

Unlike synthetic or wire filaments, abrasive brushes contain abrasive filament brush fills that give a more aggressive action. It is used in :

Abrasive roller brushes do not snag on sharp metal edges.

Key Features

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Abrasive Roller Brush


Sizes :
Available in all sizes as per drawing & specifications.

Application :
The offered roll brushes allows the user to cover the maximum angle. We offer these brushes with dense bristles, which are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Moreover, we provide customized solution of these brushes to our clients as per their requirements. Customers can avail these products from us at affordable rates in comparison to competitors.

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