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A member of the cup brush family a typical wire end brush application includes polishing molds or dies, cleaning castings, brushing the internal surfaces of holes, flash removal, spot facing, and surface preparation for welding. Typical use involves a hand-held high-speed air tool, electric drill, drill press, or robotic finishing equipment. The standard 6mm shaft attachment makes it an easy to use product with any hand held drill.

What is a stencil brush?

A stencil brush is a kind of brush with short, tightly packed bristles. These brushes come in various sizes, ranging from small for tiny, precise areas to wider ones for quicker painting. A stencil brush is utilized in a straight up-and-down pouncing action.

What are the uses of end brushes?

End brushes are suitable for industrial cleaning applications where restricted space is an issue. Typical wire end brush applications include:

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