Rotary Brushes Manufacturer

Rotary Brush Manufacturer

Nylon strip brushes feature a formable metal structural element known as the channel base, and nylon/metal brush fill that can be varied by trim length, density, and flexibility. A brush strip filled with nylon filament is often used as a flexible brush seal on equipment. A strip brush functions as a flexible shield and curtain against mist, dust, light, heat, or intrusion into a point of operation.

What is a rotary brush?

Rotary brushes are brushes that are used by having the brush revolve around an axis. Cylinder brushes, cup brushes and wheel brushes are some examples of rotary brushes.

All of our rotary brushes are available in a variety of core and fill materials, ranging from the softest hair to the most practical synthetic to the stiffest wire or impregnated nylon.

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Rotary Brush


Sizes :
Available in all sizes as per drawing & specifications.

Application :
The offered roll brushes allows the user to cover the maximum angle. We offer these brushes with dense bristles, which are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Moreover, we provide customized solution of these brushes to our clients as per their requirements. Customers can avail these products from us at affordable rates in comparison to competitors.

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