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Industrial Brushware Industries is a prominent cleansing brushes manufacturer in Canada. We supply and export the entire variety of cleaning brushes for various industries including Textile, Automobile, Engineering uses, Architecture and Aeronautics, Food handling, Pharmaceutical and many more. Cleaning brushes are utilized to clean paint, erosion, scale and rubbing, deburring, and polishing. Cleaning brushes accomplish various functions with different fill materials like surface preparation, burr removal, and brushing tasks. As the most leading cleaning brushes manufacturer in Canada, Industrial Brushware Industries generally uses higher-quality raw material and latest technologies. Our Cleaning brushes can be found in two types Disc Brushes and Boiler Tube Cleaning Brushes. We make and supply disc brushes by using the best quality strings and wires. This Industrial Disc Brushes are available in all dimensions and various kinds of fill material as per drawing and commercial requirements. Our Disc cleaning brushes are broadly utilized in surface cleaning industry with multi-dimensional uses and long-lasting bristle features with suitable distinctive handles. It is fabricated for great dusting functions like deburring on saw cut parts and machine surfaces wherever high-spiked edges have to be clean. Our disc cleaning brush is easy to use, easy to set up, and perfect for deburring surface machined developing and forgings, side joining, fine blank deburring, cylinder head deburring etc.

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Boiler Tube Cleaning Brushes are designed by nylon, metal or abrasive nylon bristles. It is also called as tubes brush. These cleaning brushes are used to clean and polish the inner side of pipes, tubular components, etc. It offers long-lasting service, efficient scrubbing features and good performance when completely cast in drill presses. These brushes are provided in a single spiral stem and dual spiral stem, manufacture for hand-held use and mechanical or industrial use. It also can be utilized in machined bores and routes by retaining in controlling tools. Some other uses of tube brush are Finishing and polishing in small openings on machined parts, removing Carbon, Creating Surfaces for Welding and slight defect removing. We provide tube brush with crimped fills and plain fills. Crimped bristle made by metals increases the brush’s durability and is ideal for hard cleaning. Whereas plain bristles are smoother and more flexible that are typically made by nylon. We, at Industrial Brushware Industries, are one of the leading industrial cleaning brushes manufacturers in Canada. We consistently provide perfectly ideal brushes for different purposes and fulfill the needs of our values buyers.

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