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Industrial Brushware Industries is a well-known Cup brush manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. As a supplier and exporter in Saudi Arabia, we always offer a complete variety of cup brushes globally to meet the demands of industries including Automobile, Architecture and construction, Engineering purposes, Aeronautics, Food processing and pharmaceuticals. Cup brushes clean splatter, corrosion, deburring, polishing and scrubbing. These 3-inch cup brushes in Saudi Arabia can be found at different functioning levels and have various fill components to perform a wide variety of area formulation, drawl cleaning, and rubbing tasks. As the best cup brush manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, we always use the finest quality raw materials, the latest tools and modern technologies.

Cup brushes are available in different types, including Crimped Wire Cup Brushes, Knotted Twist Cup Brushes, Shaft Mounted Cup Brushes, and Stencil Wire Brushes / End Brushes. We offer stainless steel and brass-filled crimped wire cup brushes in numerous sizes. These brushes are generally made of supreme quality material in cup shapes. It is ideal for stationary apparatuses and angle grinders. In addition, cup brushes are used for surface brushing, side cleaning, splatters, and corrosion removal. Knotted Twist Cup Brushes are used in large places where a rugged surface is needed. They clean the corners and angles of machines and purify chemicals or toxins. Brushes can be used with electric or air-filled high-speed mills to clean large surfaces. They also clean weld scales, corrosion, old paint, etc.

Leading Supplier of Crimped, Shaft Mounted, Twist Knot Wire Cup Brushes in Sudayr, Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh, Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia

Shaft Mounted Cup Brush is mostly applied to remove impurities such as deterioration, weld spots, corrosion, etc., and it can also be applied to straight mills and flexible shafts. It is particularly useful on hardened steel, aluminium, shaped iron, and copper. This brush is mainly used on the sides of the objects or machines. It includes a base attachment that can be used with any handheld tool; this enables an easy-to-use shaft-mounted cup brush. A Stencil Wire Brush or End Brush is another cup brush created by standard wire with a shaft joint and combined with a handheld device for smooth and simple working. Electrical drill, mechanical gear finishing, drill press, etc., are the common applications of the brushes. It is also utilized in various ways such as dusting castings, die polishing, cleaning internal surfaces like machine holes, flash removal, and preparation for welding in the area or outside area. We provide supreme quality cup brushes with great benefits like elasticity, easy handling, efficiency, excellent cleaning, and many more.

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