Industrial Cleaning Brushes Manufacturer In Nepal

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Industrial Brushware Industries is a leading brushes manufacturer in Nepal and the foremost supplier and exporter of many commercial brushes worldwide. We provide numerous industrial brushes for various uses such as cleaning, painting, deburring, finishing, woodworking, labeling, stamping, and removing the coating. It is also utilized to clean rust stuck in the unreachable area in machines. We offer the broadest range of brushes as per our esteemed clients’ needs or by considering the commercial necessities. These brushes contain numerous bristles or spine queues which are made of various materials like nylon, stainless steel, smooth brass, etc.

We, at Industrial Brushware Industries, are offering an extensive varieties of brushes such as strip brushes, wheel brushes, cup brushes, and cleaning brushes. Our strip brushes are available in different sizes, stuffing materials and forms according to the commercial need. It is typically used for cleaning, air circulation control, door mounting, etc. Wheel brushes are available in standard knotted, and Stringer knotted types. Standard intertwined wheel brushes are loosely knots protecting a more important seeming area and are often utilized for surface conditioning and hard cleaning. On the other hand, Stringer knotted wheel brushes are strongly twisted brushes and are generally found in the pipe connecting system for origin and hot pass join, scrubbing and cleaning.

Cup brushes are available in different kinds, including crimped wire, shaft mounted, knotted twist, and stencil wire cup brushes. These cup brushes are perfect for edge cleaning, paint removing , rust eliminating, internal surface holes cleaning, and many more. Numerous industrial applications use cup brushes to do various kinds of cleaning and deburring etc. Cleaning brushes are comprised of disc and boiler tube or tube cleaning brushes. Disc cleaning brushes are used for deburring, flat surface cleaning, equipment cleaning, polishing, etc. On the other hand, Tube cleaning brushes mostly have a single-spiral framework utilized for cleaning pipes, holes, strings, etc.

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Along with these, Industrial Brushware Industries also provides spiral roller brush, nylon roller brush, abrasive roller brush, rotary brush, Food Grade Roller Brush, Shaft Mounted Wheel Brush, and many more types. We offer the best quality brushes for various industries and applications such as Automobile, Construction, Metals, Heavy Engineering, Aviation, Food, and Pharmaceutical industry with high strength, reliability, and long-lasting serviceability. We generally utilize the supreme quality raw material to manufacture these brushes. Our respected customers always appreciated us because of the high-performance brushes and made us the best brushes manufacturer in Nepal.

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