Leading Wheel Brush Manufacturer and Supplier in USA

A black and white wheel brush used for cleaning

At Industrial Brushware Industries, we are a top wheel brushes manufacturer and supplier in the USA, offering a range of high-quality commercial wheel brushes. Designed for industrial purposes, our wheel brushes provide efficient straight-edge cleaning for surface cleaning, finishing, polishing, deburring, weld joining, and removing oxidation, color, corrosion, and other impurities.

Our wheel brushes are versatile, suitable for use in handheld mills, automatic polishing tools, bench grinders, or integrated into production processes. They come in different types, including Crimped Wire Wheel Brushes, Knotted Twist/Stinger Wheel Brushes, and Shaft Mounted Wheel Brushes.

  • Crimped Wire Wheel Brushes: Available in various dimensions and finishes, commonly in 6″ to 8″ diameters, filled with tough crimped wire made from metal brass for resistance to caustic materials. Ideal for floor cleansing and removing deterioration, corrosion, primer, and paint.

  • Knotted Twist/Stinger Wheel Brushes: Manufactured with metal and brass wire crimped or twisted around 75% of the wheel’s length. Standard knotted twist brushes are suitable for weld splatter ejection, deburring, and scale removal, while stinger wheel brushes are tightly twisted for tube connection and heavy-duty brushing.

Leading Supplier, Distributor, and Exporter of SS Crimped Wire Wheel Brushes, Brass Shaft Mounted Wheel Brush, Abrasive Wheel Brush, Twist Knotted Wire Wheel Brushes Across the USA

Our wheel brushes are known for their effectiveness in large process cleaning, surface conditioning, and high-impact brushing functions. Experience the superior quality of our products at Industrial Brushware Industries, the leading wheel brushes manufacturer in the USA.

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