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At Industrial Brushware Industries, we are a prominent strip brushes manufacturer in Germany and offer numerous top quality industrial strip brushes. Our strip brushes are made to fulfil the demand of Industries and our valuable clients. Strip brushes are used for sealing, dirt, light and temperature prevention, air-circulation controlling, cleansing grooves, degreasing, deburring, cleaning, and many more. Industrial Brushware Industries designed strip brushes in different sizes and specifications with various fill components and forms perfect for industrial applications. Additionally, our Brushes offers high working feature, durability, and long-lasting serviceability.

These brushes have a channel base shaped in metallic architectural element consisting of thick plastic filling in different densities, elasticity, and length. We offer strip brushes with numerous channel bottom material, including Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, and Galvanized Metal, displaying resistance against corrosion and chemicals. These very smooth and springy plastic strip brushes are generally used as a springy brush seal on equipment or tools. The high thickness of the spine or bristle makes it to work with all types of surface. Strip Brush can be used as a static reduction instrument, an item hold-down, and a-holes finder in protecting layers. These brushes are also used as a duster to clean the slack material.

Top quality flexible strip brushes from Industrial Brushware Industries are manufactured by tremendous variable thermoplastics for example polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon. The choice of fill material of strip brushes can be customized to satisfy the client’s exclusive requirements. All of the forms, applications, and specifications of strip brushes makes us the best strip brushes manufacturer in Germany. A Strip Brush can transmit or strengthen a moving item or sweep far from moving rubbles. The provided Strip brushes allow to use on the large surface or protect outer edges. We offer a great collection of nylon strip brush to match various needs requested by respected clients. These strip brushes are also utilized to create in effective space sealing and weather-strip sealing.

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Our strip brushes can also reduce dirt pollution, door mounting, prevents vapours, and over-shower from entering the machine. These strips pieces of strip brushes are used to minimize or eliminate fixed build-up. Our strip brushes provided high flexibility; therefore, set-up is significantly easier and convenient in a variety of commercial applications. These brushes also offer outstanding design options to choose different patterns with many more specifications. All strip brushes are light weighted, manageable, and created using protecting and defending tools.

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